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What is there to say about Facebook that hasn't already been said? I find it to be the reeking, stinking pinnacle of the shittiness of the modern Web. It's all about spying on everyone and showing creepy ads. But I will say that it is a good way to see just how ignorant some of your "friends" are, always posting the same long-debunked diarrheal drippings and showing off their "philosophy" that boils down to "I've got mine, so fuck you!".

Parked Domains

You've all seen those parked domain pages, often with that smug girl with the backpack. But that's not what ticks me off about those pages. It's the little "fuck you" they drop in there called robots.txt, which is quite often set up in such a way that the Wayback Machine won't let you see the site as it was before whoever owned it forgot to pay the bill.


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